• A one stop package from the very beginning of an idea right through to sitting back to relax and enjoy the finished home

  • Contract guarantee - we guarantee to build your home as per the plans and schedule

  • Support all the way - we ensure your best interests are kept at heart throughout the entire project

  • 40+ Years Experience in New Zealand residential building

  • Independent 10 year Master Build Guarantee

"The standard of workmanship provided by Pieter and his subcontractors alike has pleased me and impressed others."

- June C



Bring your dream home to life with a custom architectural build.


With Beacon Construction, your vision will be your home:
A residence tailored to your preferences and requirements. \ We work with you from concept to completion, to make your dream home a reality.


Building a new home is one of the most exciting endeavors you'll experience. It needs serious decision-making skills, especially if you want a house suited for your needs.

Building a custom home can be challenging without the right partner. From the budgeting stage, the design process to the construction phase - each step is important and must be given careful consideration. 

At Beacon Construction, we ensure that every step meets your exact needs and requirements. After all, your home is one of the best long-term investments you'll make in your lifetime.


Rebuild your old house in a location that you love with our remove and rebuild service!

Does your home need extensive renovations? Rebuilding may sound like a last resort. Like most homeowners, you have an emotional attachment to your home and the idea of demolishing it and rebuilding a new one may not sound appealing. However, if your home is very old and deteriorated to a point where repairs won't provide a sustainable solution - this may be your best option. 

With a rebuild, you can enjoy an updated and energy-efficient home. Beacon Construction can help remove the headache and stress of living in an old home. We'll rebuild the home tailored to your requirements and specifications so you won't have to settle. This way, you maintain the property and increase it's value. 

2017-03-27 12.23.03.jpg

We can even retain usable parts and pieces of your old home and incorporate them into the new house. Retain the charm and character of your old home while enjoying the peace of mind that comes from knowing your home is constructed to the highest standards. Contact us now to book in your free consultation.

Parnell New Home
Parnell New Home, Kitchen
Parnell New Home, Staircase
Parnell New Home, Window
Parnell New Home, Bathroom