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  • A one stop package from the very beginning of an idea right through to sitting back to relax and enjoy the finished home

  • Contract guarantee - we guarantee to build your home as per the plans and schedule

  • Support all the way - we ensure your best interests are kept at heart throughout the entire project

  • 40+ Years Experience in New Zealand residential building

  • Independent 10 year Master Build Guarantee

"The standard of workmanship provided by Pieter and his subcontractors alike has pleased me and impressed others."

- June C



Bring your dream home to life with a custom architectural build.


With Beacon Construction, your vision will be your home:
A residence tailored to your preferences and requirements. \ We work with you from concept to completion, to make your dream home a reality.


Building a new home is one of the most exciting endeavors you'll experience. It needs serious decision-making skills, especially if you want a house suited for your needs.

Building a custom home can be challenging without the right partner. From the budgeting stage, the design process to the construction phase - each step is important and must be given careful consideration. 

At Beacon Construction, we ensure that every step meets your exact needs and requirements. After all, your home is one of the best long-term investments you'll make in your lifetime.


Rebuild your old house in a location that you love with our remove and rebuild service!

Does your home need extensive renovations? Rebuilding may sound like a last resort. Like most homeowners, you have an emotional attachment to your home and the idea of demolishing it and rebuilding a new one may not sound appealing. However, if your home is very old and deteriorated to a point where repairs won't provide a sustainable solution - this may be your best option. 

With a rebuild, you can enjoy an updated and energy-efficient home. Beacon Construction can help remove the headache and stress of living in an old home. We'll rebuild the home tailored to your requirements and specifications so you won't have to settle. This way, you maintain the property and increase it's value. 

2017-03-27 12.23.03.jpg

We can even retain usable parts and pieces of your old home and incorporate them into the new house. Retain the charm and character of your old home while enjoying the peace of mind that comes from knowing your home is constructed to the highest standards. Contact us now to book in your free consultation.

  • I want to renovate my home. Where do I start?
    Start by setting a goal for your home renovation. Before you talk to any builder on the north shore or in Auckland, identify the areas you want to renovate and know your priorities. Do you need to modernise the space? Do you want to create additional room for your growing family? Perhaps you need to create a new space for your home office? Once you've established your goals, your next step is looking for a qualified builder to help you make it happen. Find a builder you are comfortable to communicate and work with. This is a crucial step so take your time and do your research. Ask for referrals from families and friends. When you find a builder that you like, request for their portfolios and reach out to their previous clients. Ensure that the contractor you are working with is licensed. Beacon Construction is a NZ Licensed Building Practitioner and a registered Master Builder.
  • How much will I be spending?
    How much you spend depends on the scale of your project. Each project is unique and there are different variables to consider, like the age of the home. Homes older than 30 years old come with surprises - so make sure to have some funds for unexpected expenses. Home extensions also vary in cost depending on what you’ll be adding. Here at Beacon Construction, we consult you each step of the way so you can keep track of the construction cost. You can reach out to us for an estimate at any time. We are happy to discuss your plans with you. You can contact us directly or by using the enquiry form.
  • How long does a house extension or extra dwelling construction take?
    This is an important question to ask because it affects the entire family living in the house. Each construction project is different. How long it takes depends on the scale of the home renovation project. Generally, the construction time for medium-sized homes takes about three months. Large jobs take about six months. The planning process starts before the actual construction and can take up to six months. Delays in the permit process can also impact the renovation timeline. In total, 12 months is the average timeframe.
  • How long does a kitchen renovation take?
    The average timeline for a kitchen renovation is one month. This is when following the original kitchen layout. Projects that require structural changes, extending or enlarging the kitchen, wall removal and changes in plumbing and electrical service locations need more time.
  • Do you take on all kinds of renovations an extension projects?
    Our company mostly focuses on major home renovations. We love challenging projects that require creative solutions. If you are jsut looking for a simple kitchen countertop update, or new cabinet installations, or bathroom remodelling, it may be best to contact other contractors. If you are planning to modernise your home, create new living spaces extending your home, have a chat with us before looking further.
  • How can I make sure that my renovation project is finished on time and on budget?
    Good communication is the key to completing a remodelling project on time and on budget. We keep you updated on both the timeline and budget. We expect you to be honest and upfront about your construction concerns and budget constraints.
  • What can I expect during the renovation or construction?
    Home renovations/extensions take time and space, so expect us to take some space in your home. We try our best to minimise the effect of the remodelling in your daily life, but you’ll still feel the impact. Expect to have some level of noise during the construction phase. You’ll also see dust in your home. Even when things are covered, some dust will find its way on your furniture and appliances. While we would like to stick with the timeframe of the project, factors like weather, delayed material deliveries, special requests and other unforeseen circumstances can extend the work period.
  • What kind of renovations increase the value of my home?
    Minor dwellings, bedrooms, new bathrooms and kitchens. These are all the key areas that add value. Improved floor plan flow and usability is another valuable improvement. These are the areas you should consider for your home renovations be it on the north shore or elsewhere.
  • When should I consider a second level extension?
    When you want to have a better view from your home, or you want more space for your growing family but your lot is quite small and does not have any space available to expand, a second level addition is a great option for home extension.
  • Why work with us?
    If you are a current or future homeowner, you want a builder in that specialises in residential properties. At Beacon Construction we focus on the residential construction sector. We specialise in medium to large-sized renovations. We are also proud members of the Master Builders Association. Construction projects can be challenging and stressful, and we work hard to minimise the amount of friction for you. We design and build, taking projects them from the beginning of an idea right through to it's completion. Tell us what you have in mind, and let us work out the details. We have an excellent team of experienced builders who are passionate about their craft. We have been building and renovating homes for 20 years: from the smallest makeovers to large complex projects - we've done and seen it all.
Parnell New Home
Parnell New Home, Kitchen
Parnell New Home, Staircase
Parnell New Home, Window
Parnell New Home, Bathroom
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