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Below are some client testimonials that we have recieved after completing renovation or building projects at their homes.

Beacon construction has done three renovation projects in my home. Each project started and finished on time, stayed within budget and was beautifully finished. I have had several friends who have renovated and choose the lowest quote only to end up with the builders going over budget significantly and the projects dragging out over time. Unlike me, none of my friends would use the same builder again. Peter Oosterbaan is a delight to work with and extremely knowledgeable and experienced. And Pieter followed each project through to the very end — obtaining the Council compliance certificates.

I would highly recommend Pieter and his team to anyone that wants to enjoy their building project, with a good quality job, started and finished on time and on budget.


Pamela Lowen

Thank you so much for building my wife & I, a lovely home. We were both very happy and pleased for all you did from the start, with the purchase of the section, to the building of the home.

We will both be happy there and it won’t take long for my wife to put the final touches to the inside which will turn a house into a home. Thank you again so much for all you have done for us both.

Tony Pannetiere

​We would both like to convey our thanks to yourself and your Beacon Construction team for the excellent outcome of our extensive and complex house renovations. We were appreciative of the fact that your very experienced onsite staff were skilled at “working around us” on the project whilst we continued to live in the house – never an easy task. This aspect of our renovation was much easier for us than anticipated.

Of particular note was the efficient on-site resolving of the many unforseeable problems that always arise during renovation of a house such as ours. It was great to know that either yourself or Gerald were just a telephone call away.

We are very pleased the works were completed both within the agreed time schedule and also the agreed price. We are very happy to recommend your company as we feel sure that any future cilents will also receive total satisfaction.

                                                     Margaret & Mervyn Tait


Our project involved a major renovation of the family home.  A two leveled house, over 46 years old, in desperate need of an upgrade, modernising and more importantly to be healthier for its occupants.  This was not a decision we could not afford to regret.

The attraction to Beacon, was the package.  Everything was handled by one company, from design to completion of the building.  They are renovation specialists, they carry the Master Builders stamp, and they have years of experience behind them.  After our first meeting with Pieter our decision was made. We were pleased our project was being handled by a team of professionals, who worked well together, took pride in the quality of their work, and gave plenty of welcomed advice. They genuinely cared for our needs and strived to make the project a success.

Beacon produced a beautiful new home for us to move back into.  We feel proud to display the workmanship of the Beacon team and of all the other trades people who were involved and contributed towards this project. We have received numerous compliments and reactions of overwhelming disbelief from family, friends and visitors alike on the extensive transformation of the house. Endless thanks to Pieter, our A-Team Michael, Glenn and Ken for making this experience so worthwhile and leaving us with certainly, no regrets.

We strongly recommend this company to potential clients, wishing them success and Beacon Construction, continuing success.

Foisa Family

​I engaged Pieter Oosterbaan to build my house after having three previous development proposals fall over. From the outset, my association with Pieter Oosterbaan was one in which I was confident that my needs and views were respected and treated with credibility. I felt fully informed about what was required of me; any matters arising throughout the contract were discussed with me in terms of options available and the financial implications of these; timeframes were clear and invariable adhered to; commonsense and flexibility prevailed when necessary.

It mattered to me that I did not have financial surprises; that the project proceeded on time and in a way that was efficient and provided me with a soundly built home. In each of these respects, my needs were met.

Without exception, Pieter Oosterbaan and his sub-contractors with whom I had contact were professional and courteous. The standard of workmanship provided by Pieter and his subcontractors alike has pleased me and impressed others.


June C

​It is a pleasure for my wife and I to provide a testimonial for Pieter Oosterbaan, Gerald Cailliau and the team at Beacon Construction.Having completed a major addition and renovation to our home in Mairangi Bay employing Beacon Construction, we are pleased to say we are very happy with the professional job done by Pieter, Gerald and their various subcontractors.

Setting out on our project was a stressful decision for us, but the knowledgeable, helpful advice we received at the outset from Pieter was both invaluable and also very reassuring. We wanted expert, practical advice from our builders, and this is what we got. Design suggestions which we incorporated have proved to be spot on, and we are glad we listened to the advice we were given. A realistic estimate was given at the outset, and this proved to be extremely accurate when compared to the final price.

Gerald is a thoroughly organized project manager, who ensured the whole project ran smoothly and to both time and budget. Communication, both on site and by phone and email was outstanding; whenever the inevitable small problem arose it was always dealt with swiftly and calmly. In any building project, variations to the original plan are likely to arise as the project progresses, and our job was no exception. All such variations were discussed and mutually agreed, and again we are glad we proceeded with several suggested changes as the final job is much better for them.

We would happily use Pieter and Gerald again, and are pleased to be able to recommend them to other potential clients. Their integrity and professional manner is first rate, and we can honestly say that we were pleasantly surprised by how easy they made the whole project at the end of the day.

Grant & Susan Ryan

When we consulted our architect about renovating our home, he advised us that the early engagement of a builder was important so that the builder could be part of the design team. In seeking potential builders, we asked people who had undertaken renovations for references, and Beacon Construction came highly recommended. We met with the owner of Beacon Construction, Pieter Oosterbaan, in early 2017 and
by the time we obtained Building Consent in September 2017 we had a well-developed and priced design that was practical, affordable and buildable. Starting in November 2017, the project remained close to both our budget and our programme up to its completion at the end of March 2018.

Pieter project managed the building works, and engaged all the main subcontractors such as builders, plumbers, electricians, plasters, tilers and painters. Wherever possible a range of quotes were obtained for fixed pieces of work, to ensure that we were not paying above market prices. All the sub trades were hard working and competent and a pleasure to deal with. Pieter provided expert advice throughout the
project, based on more than 30 years of experience in residential building development. This experience was also helpful in making quick and cost effective decisions when issues inevitably arose after demolition works exposed new challenges.

At all times we found Pieter to be pleasant, unflappable and honest. He is clearly respected by Council which is a plus for the inspection process. Although managing a number of projects, Pieter was always a quick communicator and responsive to our requests.

We are delighted with the quality of the workmanship, and thrilled with the end result. We have no hesitation in recommending Pieter and his quality team for anyone contemplating building work.

Nick & Mary Rogers

Regarding your interest in who built our house in Blockhouse Bay. For your own home project, I can categorically ‘not’ recommend the group house building company we ended up using.

However, initially when we were looking to buy and renovate (and ultimately build); I had a great experience with Pieter Oosterbaan at Beacon Construction. Pieter was a great assistance when looking at different
renovation options for potential house purchases and when we did finally buy, it was ultimately his initial concept plan that we ended up building with a few tweaks. We found Pieter passionate and very knowledgeable, we only wish we hadn’t been sucked in by the ‘building group spin’ as ultimately I believe Pieter would have been as cost effective and would have been a lot closer to the project than our ‘employed site manager’ who ended up causing me to have to be on site twice a day during the build just to manage quality.

                                                     Warrick Smith


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