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Remove walls to add space to your home

With limited street appeal and a large yet dated interior, this 1970s brick and tile home in a prime location was in need of a complete makeover. The owners made the decision to involve Beacon Construction to turn their ideas into a definite reality.

Although the exterior is in need of updating, the first objective was to modernise the interior and create useable family space, leaving the outside further down on the priority list. There were few structural changes required to completely alter the interior, and Pieter Oosterbaan from Beacon Construction tried to make the most within the existing constraints of the home. Each bedroom was increased in size, although one bedroom did have to be sacrificed to create a much appreciated dining room off the lounge. This room can be used for everyday use, or as a formal dining area. Downstairs, the old laundry and the front entrance were entirely overhauled, creating a welcoming and stylish entry way into the house.

By pushing out a few walls, extra space was created and allowed for a new kitchen and family room. Initially, the kitchen had a focus out onto the street, and was narrow with an unappealing flow. By rearranging the walls to create more space and adding the family room off to one side, it was also possible to take advantage of the fabulous view. The kitchen is now the centre of the home and has real space to make it work from a functionality point of view. The laminated bench, granite counter tops and tawa floors and panels are all tied together by the polished floor, creating a pacific feel with the woven bamboo panels under the island bench and toe kicks.

The overall result recreated a now stunning home that has wonderful appeal and is a delight for the owners to live in. The well planned renovation successfully created the most out of what was already there, by rearranging things to give better flow and endow the house with a modern flair, all while capitalising on the great view. According to Pieter, ‘The interior and exterior were completely renovated, but using the original bones of the house, this meant we were able to do more work within the budget’.

To provide central heating in the living areas, Panectric radiant heated ceilings were installed. It provides a pleasant atmosphere without obviously feeling as if any heating is on. The effect is like a warm day inside, and the only problem now is convincing the children that it actually is cold outside when dressing for the day!

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