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Benefits of Design & Build Construction

The Design and build are used by clients that want to save time by having both the construction and design coordinated and managed efficiently. This construction method has many benefits as it allows design and construction professionals to collaborate on various projects as well as other advantages that we will have a look at.

Meeting Your Expectations

The continuous estimation will no longer be as concurrent, this is because a design-build team always works closely with their client and therefore is able to conceptualise the completed project in its planning stages. This means that even before any significant investments are made there will be accurate quotes and cost breakdowns very early in a project. With that being said it is still important to discuss the budget during the design stage, you are in control here. Only you know what your expectations are and it really helps to get your ideas to the project team so they can get to the final working costs. However, only with a finalised project can the team clearly define and control the total costs.

Full Accountability

With the design and build approach, you have greater control of the process as you only have one point of contact throughout the project. This is because this approach utilises a single contract for both architecture, engineering and construction responsibilities. As a result, the financial risk is minimised because only one partner is solely responsible for the project's success. With your project being handled by one organisation there will be, rest assured, standards for project quality, costs and time required. You will be able to focus more on decision making rather than on coordinating architects, builders, engineers, councils, consultants and project managers.

Increased Collaboration

There is much closer collaboration and coordination between the designer and the construction team. This approach to construction allows for effective and seamless executions between all parties. The collaboration between the designers and builders is what this system is based on, it’s the backbone of the whole process. To meet your goals it is made sure that everyone’s input is valued. Another great benefit is that it is the responsibility of the design and build team to meet the department and faculty managers to discuss plans and make or receive recommendations.

High-Quality Results

Design and build firms are experts in both fields, with licensed architects that have formal architectural training and extensive experience in the industry. They also operate with construction professionals who have the engineering expertise and who understand pricing, sequencing and building arrangements.

Design Alternatives

A full team in place gives you the ability to discuss and even plan alternative designs. The professional designers will be able to report the important design considerations quickly, so the contractor can easily price your alternatives. You will also have greater flexibility when it comes to construction methods and materials.

Faster Turnover Time

Design and build projects are completed much faster than usual projects. This is because potential problems are detected sooner and also with enhanced communication things keep moving and getting through bottlenecks in the designing and building phases won't take so long anymore.

Do you still have an open question? Get in touch with us. At Beacon Construction we ensure that our construction processes are efficient and organised all the way until the project handover.


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