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Kitchen renovation tips for your home

Dreaming of that beautiful new kitchen for your home can be exciting. Planning what you would like, how it would look and feel, how much more workable it would be and all those exciting new appliances you could incorporate.

But then you may ask yourself: “how do I get started?” “I know the look I would like, I have been cutting out magazine articles for ages and refined my ideas down to something that would be lovely, but where to from here?” “Do I need more room?” “Can we move that wall?” “Do we need to extend to create more space?”. These sorts of questions are quite common and can make turning your dreams into reality quite difficult, often going around in circles.

What you need is someone who can advise if what you are proposing is possible, is there a better solution, what is the best option for creating your dream kitchen. Pieter Oosterbaan from Beacon Construction has been answering these sorts of questions for years. “It is often difficult for owners to know where to start. I find that with a preliminary meeting we can quickly get on to the most suitable solution for their project and start making real progress. A simple replacement of the existing kitchen may only need the input of an experienced kitchen designer. However if structural changes are required then it does pay to talk to someone who can coordinate the whole project – that’s where we come in.”

Beacon Construction is able to advise on and implement what is required. Starting with an initial meeting to discuss what is on the wish list and then moving on to concept plans (to firm up those ideas), construction plans (to provide the information required by the builders & council), building consents and finally carrying out the building works to turn those dreams into reality.

The difference between an ok result and a great looking, workable kitchen is careful planning. Pieter comments: “It is critical to get it right first time. This involves turning the client’s dreams into plans that work, and reflect their ideas and requirements. This process is a collaboration between us and the client and it is critical that each understands the requirements of the other. Good communication here is the key”.

Shelley from Pat Gavin Kitchens often works with Beacon Construction in the planning of the kitchen. “I find Shelley is great to work with, she has an eye for kitchen design and is also great with colours”. June Toose comments: “I am delighted with the renovation and new kitchen, although, if it hadn’t been for Beacon Construction & Pat Gavin Kitchens involvement, it may never have happened. There are plenty of people out there that do this sort of work, but until I met Pieter & Shelley I didn’t have the confidence to proceed and I now have no regrets”.

For most homes, the kitchen is the biggest project in any renovation and expectations are higher than ever – kitchens have evolved to become feature fundamentals of the modern home. Whether the desire is a low cost solution for a bach or rental, or a workable space to exhibit a passion for food and entertaining, home owners ultimately want kitchens that complement their lifestyle, look great and integrate their home. For fifty five years Kitchens by Pat Gavin have been installing kitchens in thousands of Northland and Auckland homes, earning a reputation for great innovation, superior workmanship and customer service.

“The solution to a good renovation is a Master Builder like Pieter Oosterbaan and a qualified kitchen designer like Shelley from Kitchens by Pat Gavin” says Sean Paul-Wood, (Business Development Manager). “Pieter sends his customers to us where we work with them on their kitchen design integrating it into the overall the site to get a feel for the overall renovation. Our designers will visit the site to get a feel for the overall project and give advice on colours, textures and materials.”

Whatever your kitchen requirements are, 14 fully trained mobile kitchen consultants are on call to discuss the layout, design and colours of your new kitchen. “We can take into account where the kitchen is in the house, your colour scheme, how big your household is, and if children or the elderly need to be catered for,” adds Sean. Alternatively, experienced consultants are always available for a chat at the showrooms – they understand a kitchen should reflect the design of your home, but also the practical needs of your lifestyle. The production team has developed an advanced computer based sales, pricing and drawing system which means clients see their proposed kitchen in graphic outline, complete with the colours of their choice. “A 3D picture of what your finished kitchen will look like to help you achieve the result you want,” says Sean.

Kitchens by Pat Gavin offer a written five-year guarantee on materials and workmanship.

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