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House Renovation in Glenfield

After many years of frustration trying to find a solution to create a renovation that would achieve their requirements (but stay within budget), this family engaged Beacon Construction to plan and execute the renovation of this small Glenfield home in a great location.

The client was open to ideas and we were able to produce a plan to completely modernize the home, creating some new larger spaces and made the most of what was already there. The result was very pleasing for the client and ourselves and produced a lovely home from the bones of the old one. Reinvigorating and transforming the home without going over the top. Although the renovation was not that extensive, it did make an major impact on the usability and desirability of this now lovely home.

This project required making the most of the site and features of the house existing house but trying to keep the budget to a modest level. We extended the house out to the front and left the rear of the house mainly intact as much of this had been renovated earlier. There was also a lovely pool area at the rear that made that side of the house very desirable. A new lounge was created out to the front of the section, making the most of the gorgeous view. A bedroom was converted to an en suite for the master bedroom and new bedrooms were added under the new lounge with a rearrangement of the existing basement area. A home theatre was also added downstairs which acted as a common room for the two new bedrooms.

If you are looking at a house renovation to extend your living areas, contact Beacon Construction.

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