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Modernising a Kitchen in Forest Hill, Auckland

We were modernising a kitchen for a well maintained house owned by a busy professional couple in Forest Hill, Auckland. The space need a little remodeling to make way for the new kitchen and to make the most of the site. The original house was built in the 80’s and although well maintained, was looking dated inside. The flow of the old kitchen plus out of date appliances was the major trigger for this renovation. This was combined with a desire to improve the flow from the kitchen to the existing and new living areas.

Of course, modernising a kitchen means having all of the latest appliances added to good quality modern cabinets & tops! Once this was done and the kitchen installed the result was a pleasure to use and live in. A modern functional kitchen suitable for the 21st century.

These days, replacement of the kitchen tends to be the most cost effective way of modernizing it. Try to limit moving the position of sink units, stoves etc as this will impact greatly on price. However, it can also make a radical difference to the usability and enjoyment of use of the kitchen.

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