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5 Top Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Large Bathroom Renovation

Coming up with great bathroom renovation ideas is important as the bathroom is one of the most frequently used rooms in the house, and as such would require a great deal of conscious effort to enjoy every time spent in it. For some, it’s easy to have an “anything goes” attitude towards it while some would even settle for plain all-white, without actually exerting much investment to it. Redesigning your bathroom does not have to be costly, as the style that you build into your bathroom may already have pieces available in your home.

1. Styling your Bathroom

There are many different bathroom styles that you can choose from, especially with the availability of the internet. However, it is important to identify the current limitations with your bathroom and the possible pitfalls that you may encounter when you decide on a specific style. For example, a Victorian-inspired bath may require space for grand accent pieces and may take up more space than the bath necessities versus a Zen-type design. Have different options in mind to ensure that you can opt for another should one pose more limitations than expected. Also consider the available resources that you already have if you intend to renovate within a budget.

2. Bathroom Lighting

Different kinds of lights are needed in the bathroom and can greatly affect the ambiance of the totality of the room. Vanity lighting for example is important to have the right measurements and support, particularly with regard to make-up application. Ideally, diffused sunlight should make for an efficient power-saver. Although this is not available all the time, it is important to tailor this to the style and the general ambiance that you would like to establish.

3. Bathroom Colours

This is a tricky part as it may make or break a bathroom. As a matter of fact, everything can be in place, but if the wall colour is off, then everything else may not seem right. However, colour does not only mean wall colours — it can also mean the harmony that the colours create. As part of the design, colours are usually a given. However, it is important not to clutter your bathroom with too much variety that it loses the central theme. Two to three colours are ideal, up to five. This will revolve around the style that you have chosen and are usually complementing for 3 to 5 colours, and contrasting for 2 to 3.

4. Tile Accent

One of the best ways to elongate a narrow space is to have a diagonal floor accent that helps draw the eyes obliquely. This can be in big waves for longer spaces. It also adds texture and character to the whole bathroom as it gives variety for the eyes. An example would be a stone-patched curve that leads a person towards the corner of the room. It is important to identify how it is appropriately drawn as it may result to the reverse effect if not drawn out properly. If you would like to do away with a carpet or rag, pattern floor tiles as the centerpiece can add detail to a rather plain style. Another example would be the tiles in the shower, where it gives the shower room immediate texture and design.

5. Storage & Proximity

Storage is often a problem with small bathrooms as some don’t even have cabinets. One of the best ways to incorporate storage into the design is to have open wood panels as storage space on one corner of the room or right on top of the bath. This also has the advantage of avoiding the need to move from the bath or shower dripping wet.

There are many other bathroom renovation ideas that you can use and one idea may fit one bathroom but not the other. It is then important to make an inventory of what you already have for decorating, what your chosen design is, and what the budget is. Once this is established, you can look for inspiration online or meet up with a professional for advice.

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