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5 Interior Design Ideas to Modernise your Home

As part of renovating and modernizing your home, consider some interior design ideas. Changing a few pieces in a room can do the trick. Simple designs and decor, mixing prints and bold colors all at the same time will take care of your home upgrade.

Glass & Natural Light

The magic of clear glass does wonders to a room making it immediately modernized with natural lighting of the sun. It also makes the room more spacious as the outdoors becomes an extension of the room. If there is a common feature of modern homes, that would be space, and light. A bright room allows for a positive outlook, and creates a positive ambiance of the room as well. Kitchens for example, have glass windows that make for energy efficiency. Urban designs usually have glass and allow lots of sun in the room to give an impression of larger space especially in crowded cities. Homes in rural areas on the other hand, give an impression of the house being a part of nature.

Forest Hill Kitchen Renovation

Minimal & Smart Furniture

To maximize space, most modern designs encourage dual usage for furniture and fixtures. A cabinet for example doubles as a desk. Beds can be hung up, turned around and reveal a shelf. Children’s beds have a sofa on the bottom part, storage on the side, and the actual bed and a shelf on top. Minimal furniture again creates space and looks very sophisticated and modern.

Bolds & Accents

Bold colours for furniture are another characteristic of modern living. This is coupled with accent pieces that make the room come alive. The result is one of harmony, neither overwhelming nor dull. For example, a bold purple sofa can be accentuated with throw pillows of the same hue, plus one orange pillow piece. It can also be balanced by a flower pot on the end table. This can also apply to walls and fixtures – a cabinet doubled as a shelf for example can be painted an eye-popping apple green with different books as its accent – variety versus an interesting colour makes for an immediate modern design.

Colours & Textures

Most modern homes come in neutrals – whites, blacks, browns, tans. It is easy to create a warm and cozy atmosphere with these colours especially when coupled with complementing lighting like yellows and oranges. It is also easy to find matching furniture decors with these neutrals. However, that does not mean you will leave your home looking dull. Textures balance the modern feel with textured walls, pillow cases and sheets, fixture decors, and others. A dull white wall for example is a good host to framed pictures and en masse mirrors with different designs. The white background does not make it look cluttered or boring. Another example is an all-white bathroom with emerald counter backsplash, among others.

Variety in Displays

Variety can range from colours, shapes and sizes. This is applicable in the kitchen, most especially with cups and plates. Having them on display is fancy, but much so are those with varying designs. Clean and modern doesn’t have to be uniform and dull. Jazz up your bookshelves for example with bookends of the same color, but different patterns and sizes like seashells for example. The underwater theme remains intact, but the variety is alive, just the same.

More Interior Design Ideas

There are other ways to modernize a home, but there are always rules that have to be followed as with any design. The colours have to be contrasting if not complementing. Modern designs may look too sterile without variety and too utilitarian without colours. Have fun designing your home, and make it cozy enough to bring out your own personality.

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