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Adding a Second Storey to your Home

Renovating an existing house can seem like a daunting task – especially adding on over the roof. However, with careful planning and the right people it can be very straight forward.

Mike & Charlotte Webster had a standard group style house which they had purchased some years earlier. They had already done quite a bit to the house to bring it into the 21st century but required help with the addition of an extra bedroom and ensuite. In discussions with Pieter Oosterbaan from Beacon Construction, several varying solutions were explored, but the one that had the most appeal was to build the new rooms over the top of the existing structure.

The advantages were that no additional land was lost for the extra rooms; the new master bedroom would have more separation from the rest of the house and would also enjoy a wider urban view and look out over the pool area.

Pieter comments: “The cost of going up will always be higher than going out because the existing house will need to be strengthened and the work is being carried out at height, but the advantages often out weigh the extra cost. It is also important that the new addition marries in with the existing house and looks like it was built that way from day one. The use of like materials is a key factor in achieving this.”

Mike, Charlotte and their family lived in the house during the renovation, which apart from a couple of stormy nights with tarpaulins on the roof, wasn’t too bad. The building work was carried out in a manner to create the least disruption to the household and for the shortest time.

Beacon Construction’s approach is to make the renovation process as enjoyable as possible. Although any renovation will be disruptive; in most cases it is possible to structure the work so that the family can remain living in the house, keep their sanity and enjoy the process. Charlotte was actively involved with the project choosing fittings, colours and found the experience exciting. Both she and Mike are delighted with the finished result and are enjoying kicking back and relaxing in their finished home.

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