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Why renovating today makes more sense than ever

Northcote Renovation - Lounge/Dining Room (after)

You love the area you live in but the house could do with some work. You have looked around at other houses and found that they also need work or they are really expensive.

There’s good news!

Renovating your current house now makes more sense than ever. With the rising value of houses in Auckland, good quality homes are achieving record prices. The rise in value of a well renovated home will often far exceed the cost of the renovation.

In addition to this you don’t have all of the financial cost and emotional stress that is involved in selling you home, buying another and moving. And don’t under estimate these costs and stresses – they are significant.

A well-planned, well-managed renovation is an exciting process that grows out of your current home. With your ideas and the guiding hand of an expert it can also be fun.

Beacon Construction has had many years of experience in helping clients find a good solution to the problem of an old tired home that no longer functions well.

Pieter comments: “Although renovating is expensive, the value and enjoyment factor that is added to a house by renovating is enormous. My clients are often delighted by what can be achieved and how the value of their home can soar. And the process need not be stressful. Keeping it fun is an important ingredient for both client and builder. And with the right people involved this is exactly what happens”.

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