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Under House Expansion

Have space under your house but not sure how to make the best use of it? Beacon Construction had a client recently in Takapuna, North Shore with this dilemma. The room was there but access was an issue due to the limited room above to get under the house area.

After an initial site visit with the client it was established there was a way to provide suitable access and a set of concept plans were produced showing what could be done. Following a few small tweaks to get the design just right the client was thrilled with the prospect of the additional space and all the possibilities that would bring. The budget was finalised and the job was all go. Plans were then prepared for construction and council consent and once Beacon Construction had obtained consent a schedule was prepared to plan the projects progress.

Work soon started and the delicate process of excavating under the house began. Although dangerous work, with experienced people it is not too difficult. The renovation quickly took shape and it was exciting to see the space grow from an unsightly under house area into a delightful sunny room, opening out onto the property’s backyard.

Internal access was broken through to the upstairs area where the new rooms were nearly complete, thereby reducing the amount of time Beacon’s clients had to be living in a building site. The renovation was quickly finished from there and it wasn’t long until the clients were able to start enjoying their new larger home.

With a bit of imagination, dreams can come true!

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