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Minor Dwellings, Home & Incomes and Granny Flats

The term “Minor Dwelling” is a new addition to the housing repertoire. There are many other names such as Granny flat and Home and Income to mention a few.

Minor dwelling is the term used by building professionals whereas home and income is used more by sales professionals. Granny flat is used often to describe an additional small, attached dwelling the may not be legal.

The rise of minor dwellings has become very popular in recent years driven by housing demand and the search for additional income. There other reasons people may consider adding a minor dwelling to their home such as a separate space for guests and family or grown-up children living at home.

The cost of establishing a minor dwelling is usually very attractive in terms of the returns it will give. There are many rules governing what is required to create a legal minor dwelling including the following:

  • Restrictions on the floor area (Usually around 65-85m2)

  • Fire ratings

  • Sound ratings

  • Privacy

  • Outdoor living space

The things that trigger what is considered a minor dwelling are as follows:

  • A kitchen with a cook top

  • A laundry

Creating a successful minor dwelling requires knowledge of the rules and regulations and an understanding of the environment. It is critical to get the parameters right. When you know what you are doing it is easy to get this right. Get it wrong - and it will be difficult, expensive and result in lost opportunity.


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