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Starting with an old plaster home that had not been loved for sometime this home was transformed into a modern family home making the most of its spectacular views over the Hauraki Gulf. The motivation for our client to undertake this renovation was a small fire in the house which gutted the middle of the house and smoke damaged the surrounding area.

Initially our client explored the possibility of using the insurance company to organise the repairs but there were serious concerns over how successful this approach would be given their tendency to focus on the cost rather than the quality of the finished project.

In the end our client decided to cash settle with the insurance company and engaged Beacon Construction to design and undertake the rebuild. The scope of the project was also increased to completely remodel the house inside and out. Attention to detail was a crucial part of this project while still trying to keep costs to a minimum. This approach is never easy, however, the two opposing goals were achieved by maximising the good features of the existing house and replacing the least desirable features.

Using durable low maintenance materials was the crowning glory of this successful facelift. Hardies Linea weather boards were used to replace the dated plaster exterior and all the window joinery was replaced with new double glazed aluminium joinery. The roofing was also replaced as were all the decks and some of the exterior concrete paving.

A redesigned interior to modernise the feel of the house achieved a fresh modern look which worked much betterthan the rabit warren that was there before. A new kitchen and all new bathrooms also gave the house a much needed lift.

The client was very happy with the finished result which was a huge improvement to the house, its usability, livability and appearance.


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