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Our client wanted to make the most of the town house that they owned in Northcote. It was a middle unit in a row of three. Great location but the unit was very dated and in need of a make over.


They had commissioned their own plans for a renovation, which included adding a new bedroom and ensuite into the roof space with a modernisation of the existing downstairs area which comprised a fairly standard layout with two bedrooms. We were engaged to undertake the project and construct the project as shown on the plans.

It soon became apparent that not enough effort had been put into measuring the existing house for the new renovation. The roof was too low to successfully accommodate the new upstairs bedroom and ensuite. After discussions with the designer we were able to help him with information on what the problems were and suggest a solution which included lifting one side of the roof to gain the head room need to make the project work.

As you can imagine this seemed like quite a problem for our client. However we were able to explain what was needed and what the final result would be.

There was a small increase in cost due to the extra work required and the plans had to go back through council for an amendment to the building consent.

The final result was a great success with the extra volume created upstairs making the small increase in cost seem very worthwhile.

Overall the finished townhouse with new bathroom, new kitchen and an extra bedroom and bathroom was fantastic. It felt like a completely new house and also sported a beautiful outdoor living area on a new level entry deck.

Although any renovation can be stressful; if the right people are engaged it can be an enjoyable experience. In this case there were issues with the original design which was regrettable and should have been avoidable, but we were able to work with her designer to create a very successful outcome.

Everyone was thrilled with the now beautiful modern townhouse.


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