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On this project Beacon Construction were approached by an architect who we had worked with previously and with whom we had a good relationship. The house was for a family member of his and there had been many ideas of what to do. There was a house on the Parnell site already, which the client liked but it needed updating to suit their current needs. Initially a renovation of the cottage was considered and designs were done. In the end it could not be remodeled to achieve what they want. So a new house was ultimately decided on.

One of the requirements was a minor unit for an elderly relative which needed good easy access while still private from the main house.

Beyond this requirement there was a desire to make the most of the site and outlook and have a modern house with all the modern amenities that go with that.


Beacon Construction had involvement in the project at the later stages to give indications of cost. The design was refined with this information and the final design then went to council for consent and we prepare the final quotation.

 A fixed price contract was used for the house build with the landscaping at the end being done on a charge up basis. The construction process began with the removal of the existing cottage, which was sold to a house removal company. Then with a clear site, work on the foundations could start.

Attention to detail was an important part of this project as the quality of materials and workmanship were key factors to achieve the high quality house the clients required.


The clients were a professional couple with limited time so we decided on fixed weekly site meetings in their work office board room to lessen the strain of time away from work. This worked well.

The end result was a brand new beautiful custom built home for this couple to move into with their family. The project was on time and on budget.


The clients were a delight to work with and Beacon Construction were very pleased to be able to work on such a high quality project and have satisfaction in the finished result.


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