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Our client had a lovely bungalow on Northcote Point with a run down, ill planned minor unit on the back. They loved the front of the house but weren’t so keen on the back of it, the area that contained the minor unit.



They wanted to create a new minor unit that could also form part of the house if not being used as a minor unit. The plan was that they wanted to used the house as a single household unit when they were living there, but if they were going travelling they could rent out part of the house but keep and smaller flat to come back to. The question we helped the client solve was how could this best be done?


We drew up a plan for a new minor unit, based on a complete demolition of the rear of the house and building a new rear half  with a new minor unit connecting the existing front half, which they loved, to a new rear half which we knew they would also love.


The client loved the ideas, and with a few tweaks we had a design that everyone involved thought would work well. Next move was to start turning this into reality. Beacon Construction started turning the ideas into a more solid form in concept plans, with more info on what would be included. The project was then priced.  This all fell into line and the clients were very pleased with the proposal.


Now that we had the ideas and dreams put together with the realities of cost and the practicalities of building it, we could actually start work on moving this into reality. Construction plans were completed and a building consent applied for.


Once we had the building consent, building work could start. Demolition was the first task followed by the careful setout of the foundations and the new house could start to rise out of the ruins of the old. It was not long until it started becoming a solid structure and taking on its new shape.

On the journey though the renovation, our clients had their input in what they wanted in terms of fittings, fixtures and colours. This is always a very exciting part of the process choosing exactly what you want.

End Result:

Once everything came together at the end it was delightful to see how happy our client was with the final result. From the beautiful paneled wooden doors, gorgeous new colonial style kitchen to the wide opening French / bifolding doors opening out to the sun drenched deck.  It still had the feel of their old house (which was connected via large double doors) with its high ceilings, large colonial mouldings and beautiful matai wooden floors. It now also had the modern elegance of new a tile bathroom and the convenience of new wardrobes. All of this was now bathed in sunlight from the skylights over head and large glass windows and doors to all the new rooms.


Overall a very satisfying project with the end result providing exactly what the client wanted and giving us the satisfaction of providing that and seeing it all come together. A team effort between builder and client.  A win – win situation.


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